Extension/ Outreach Activities


A Study on Implimenation of Street Venders (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014 at Anekal City Municipal Limits.

Students created awareness
Anekal City Municipal Area

A group of students from School of Law, Alliance University, named Harsha R. , Kaven Hashwant, Krisha R., Mohan Sundar and Praveen Kumar have undertaken this study as part of legal aid committee. They have worked on “STUDY ON IMPLIMENATION OF STREET VENDERS (PROTECTION OF LIVELIHOOD AND REGULATION OF STREET VENDING) ACT, 2014” to identify lacunas in implementation of aforesaid enactment and to find out the reasons for the same. The observation in this regard was students found out that the Vendor ID Cards were not being distributed resulting which vendors were deprived of benefits under this enactment. Students created awareness among the vendors of Anekal City Municipal Area and the benefits thereafter. In this process they had met Mr. Siddaraju, Community Officer of Municipal Council for further guidance on how the Act was being implemented here. Students have met Street Vendors and given them questionnaire as to understand their difficulties.

Their conclusion after conducting survey and assessing all the questionnaire was that street venders are not aware of their rights under the enactment although they have ID cards. Vendors feel it is a sort of government scheme under which they are given these ID Cards. Students also found out that the implementation is not done properly by the local authorities only 227 vendors have been listed in the survey whereas there are more than 500 vendors.

 Further, vending zones have not been provided to them. Finally, our students had one suggestion to the policy makers was that, since vendors keep moving from places to places it is important issue them universal ID cards and assign a proper zone where they can sell their products without fear of harassment from police and local administration.

The project brought awareness about little known law in Anekel. The students reached out to vendors and explained them the importance of registering and securing their ID.