Nostalgia – Annual Homecoming

Nostalgia is the annual homecoming of Alliance Alumni. It reunites and fosters the bond among all the Alumni of Alliance across all batches and courses. It is the flagship event of the Alumni Committee. It serves as a great platform to relive, recollect the institute days, and reconnect with batch mates. 'Alliance Superstars' – The Alumni Awards which has been instituted to honor and felicitate the alumni who have brought laurels to Alliance by making a significant contribution in their profession, business, and/or to society is hosted during Nostalgia. Alumni who complete 25 years of graduation from Alliance are recognized during Nostalgia.

Reunions, Decade Batch Reunions & Silver Jubilee Reunions

The Alumni Committee organizes reunions for our Alumni batches that complete 25 years of association with Alliance. It is a joyous occasion for the institute and the Alumni, where they recreate the charm, energy, and enthusiasm that their batch once shared while they were students. Other annual reunions may be planned based on feasibility and availability.